Full CD Pack

Spenner - Hardstyle       320kbps MP3    117MB

RKY-B -  Beat Is Kikin       320kbps MP3    135MB

Unique - DJ Showcase 2017       320kbps MP3    134MB

Jammo - Jammotech 001       320kbps MP3    137MB

Herbaholic - Showcase Slammer Mix         WAV    607MB

AudioWhore - YorkiePudCast          320kbps MP3    136MB

Mr Smithers - House Invaders       320kbps MP3    137MB

DJ Corby - Showcase        320kbps MP3    137MB

MiSfit - R3V3RS3       320kbps MP3    147MB

The DJ Showcase, is a presentation release from many of our DJ's here at Together As One Radio. It shows you how diverse we are as individuals, and how music itself treats us all very differently. 

This release was brought to you because we all know that sometimes you cannot make it to the website, or haven't always got data  to stream Tunein to your mobile device. Now you can download one or all of these sets that have never been played live on radio, and have been specially made for this release, for these exact times. Just load into your phone after downloading, and that is it! No more silence on the bus journey or long drive with the annoying loved ones. 

We all need music, be it fast, slow, full of punching bass or mellow and soft. Music is what helps us define who we are. It's a language that helps us communicate even with people who don't always understand us. 

Take these free downloads today, share them listen to them and enjoy them, and just remember, 

Music defines us. 

Together As One Radio

EradiCat - Burn It Down       320kbps MP3    137MB

DJ-Mystical - DJ Showcase 2017        320kbps MP3    137MB

Hypo-Tinx - Flick Tha Switch       320kbps MP3    132MB