Together As One Radio is a web based radio station providing a vast majority of musical genre's all in one place. We strive to bring you the best of your local talent that has gone unnoticed. We are a non-profit donation based website. We do not ask for donations or push advertising in your face, we just provide you with good music and a place to relax and meet new people.

All our DJ's are experienced, some more than others. We all use our own equipment and provide a radio station promoting all the artists we play. We don't make any money on a personal basis from working at this station, we provide the time out of our schedules, work and families to work together as a team to keep the music scene alive.  

The station is run by a various amount of helpful hands. The owners are DJ Unique and DJ Mystical. They work very hard to keep the station alive on a daily basis, and also work extremely hard promoting every DJ that plays on the station. They post in various social media groups pages and forums to try and bring in a lively crowd who will enjoy the music being played. 

The DJ's spin completely live sets, nothing is prerecorded and the proof is the LIVE video feed that we provide via USTREAM. Most of our DJ's will use this and show a live video of their equipment and how they use it while mixing the music you hear. 

We also provide a mobile friendly shoutcast stream and are looking forward to being a part of Tunein radio app. With donations we are hoping to keep the upkeep of the sites hosting costs and shoutcast upgrade and rental costs to be a 24/7 radio so you can tune into your favorite DJ's when ever your on the move where ever you might be. 

We are always looking for more DJ's to join our team and will review all requests sent to us via the websites contact page. 

The future of Together As One Radio is bright, we are not planning on going anywhere and would like to keep going for as long as possible. That being said we may decide to design T-shirts, Hoodies, Posters and maybe even a CD. All this would depend on the support of you the listeners. ​